The “SOS Mar Menor” Platform announces another demonstration in Murcia in the spring

The spokesperson for the Platform, Leandro Sánchez, believes that with 500 meters of protection in the Mar Menor environment, only “the irrigation of pots” is regulated, just 130 hectares of crops out of a total of 60,000 and all projects continue planned urban planning, even those initially approved, such as Novo Cartago. For the Platform, the perimeter of protection should have reached 2,000 meters along with a total urban moratorium. On the other hand, Leandro Sánchez complained about the “obscurantism” of a Law that has been forged from the beginning with agribusiness and certain political parties, without giving citizen participation; a hidden law up to 48 hours before approval. Before the “toast to the sun” that this Law supposes and the inaction of both the Regional and State Government.


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