Do not leave home on Sunday to buy in supermarkets or food stores, because they will be closed.

The Ministry of Enterprise, Industry and Spokesperson of the Autonomous Community has issued a new order this noon in which it specifies and corrects errors of the one published yesterday afternoon in the  Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, which was limited from Sunday morning On March 22, the opening of shops , both large supermarkets and shops of less than 300 meters, on Sundays and holidays, while the coronavirus crisis lasts. The new order suspends the possibility that large supermarkets in areas with a large tourist influx had, as is the case of the municipality of Cartagena, to open on Sundays and holidays and restricts the freedom of opening of shops in the entire region of less than 300 meters, small supermarkets, which until now could open on Sundays and holidays.

In the new arrangement, the Ministry precise and allows however the opening on Sundays and holidays at convenience stores at gas stationspharmaceutical establishmentsestablishments of bread and takeaways and press .

On the other hand, it corrects the general closing hours for all establishments, which he had initially set at seven in the afternoon, and now puts it at eight in the afternoon. 

The provision, adopted to curb the spread of the coronavirus, will continue until the end of the health crisis.

The Local Police of the Cartagena City Council warns of this circumstance so that citizens do not leave their homes on Sunday to buy in supermarkets or food stores , because they will be closed.


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